Are you tired of calling your guy or going into a licensed store for the dispensary experience? Let Sneaky Treats help streamline your life and save you time with our legal cannabis delivery service! Why? Cause no one can match the convenience and delivery times of Sneaky Treats!

How to get our cannabis delivered to you:

  1. Shop Online by clicking on MENU in the upper right corner of your phone or select Store if ordering from a desktop/laptop.
  2. View products by selecting one of our five categories
  3. Put your products in the online cart. Click ‘Add to Bag’
  4. Check out. Click on your shopping cart at the top right-hand corner of your screen to order.
  5. Get confirmation. Receive texts, e-mails, or FB messages confirming your order, delivery times and location that is most convenient for YOU!
  6. Receive your goods. A valid form of ID and a valid medical marijuana card are required to receive your goods upon delivery.
  7. Alternatively, phone in your order. Use the phone number on our home page or on the back of your Sneaky Treats loyalty punch card to call in an order like it is pizza! Speaking of which, treat yourself to Sneaky Treats exclusive ‘Take and Bake’ medicated pizza!

Last call policy:

Any orders received must be placed by no later than 4:00pm. If you have any questions, please feel free to click on the FB Messenger bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen. Thank you so much for your interest in our service.


Delivery fees are listed as follows:

  • Ashland $15.00
  • Blaine $15.00
  • Bridgewater $15.00
  • Caribou $10.00
  • Castle Hill $5.00
  • Chapman $5.00
  • Crouseville $5.00
  • Easton $10.00
  • Fort Fairfield $10.00
  • Limestone $15.00
  • New Sweden $15.00
  • Mars Hill $10.00
  • Mapleton $5.00
  • Perham $10.00
  • Presque Isle – No delivery fee (Minimum order of $25 required, unless driver is in the area)
  • Wade $10.00
  • Washburn $5.00
  • Westfield $10.00
  • Woodland $10.00


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THC orders only within the State of Maine!