Sneaky Treats accidentally happened. I had always envisioned opening my own small business one day but I wasn’t quite sure what it would entail or what type it would be. I had graduated in 2012 with a degree in Small Business and moved to Ellsworth and then to Bangor to work for Verizon Wireless at their call center.

In March 2017, my world shifted. Verizon decided to close the Bangor call center and I was left searching for a job. On a more personal level I was faced with my beloved mother’s illness, Pulmonary Fibrosis. The decision was made to move back to Mapleton to help assist her and my father, Denis. I began working for another call center in Caribou and helping around the house as much as I could.

Too quickly my mother’s illness became worse and I was faced with a devastating loss. On May 30, 2017, my mother lost her fight with Pulmonary Fibrosis. My father and I were left with each other.geno and gena

My father is a disabled American veteran and suffers from debilitating pain. His pain medication simply could not relieve him of this pain and I wanted to help him anyway that I could. I had made friends with a person that had created edibles and I thought perhaps these would be beneficial to him. With Denis I started to experiment. We tried capsules and beef jerky infused with marijuana. His pain began to subside and he stopped taking pain medication altogether.

Meanwhile, as I continued to work at the call center word got out that I had these treats and people were finding they relieved the pain they lived with. I found that I was able to make substantially more than I was working on a telephone and I was helping people.

I launched a secret group on Facebook, Sneaky Treats, offering a variety of treats that have been infused. The group took off and has just reached its first major milestone - 1,000 members. As the success of Sneaky Treats has taken hold I have found myself a small business owner. With the help of several employees I have been able to service over 900 customers in the Aroostook County region.

Looking into the future, within the next year, I hope to have the first cafe/lounge in Aroostook County that offers a wide variety of edibles. My main goal is to help others find the relief they need.

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